Our Leadership Team

Meet Our Senior Leaders and Board of Advisors

Peter Altuch

Managing Director, Cause Marketing Promotions, LLC

Peter is the architect of our website and manages all aspects of the giving programs online and works with alliance partners to integrate products into successful cause marketing campaigns.  Mr. Altuch is responsible for all marketing and strategy activities of the company along with government/state compliance issues.  Peter has extensive senior level executive experience with leading consumer electronics companies and financial institutions.

He is the former president of the SHRM (Society For Human Resource Management), NY/NJ branch, and past president of Project Plus, a non profit adult literacy task force in New Jersey.

Mr. Altuch has bylined or contributed to numerous local national periodicals such as Incentive Magazine, Rockland Community College, The NY Times and others. He has been quoted in North American publications including The New York Times, Newsday and the Milwaukee Sentinal.

  • Website Design, SEO & Architecture 50%
  • Marketing and Campaign/Product Development 40%
  • Government/State Compliance Issues 10%

Bruce Garfunkel

Managing Director, Cause Marketing Promotions, LLC  Bruce is the Managing Director of Sales with over 30 years of Advertising and Sales experience working both on the agency sides and Magazine Industry.  As a VP/Associate Publisher at a major publishing house in New York City for 12 years, he headed up the Sales, Marketing and Promotional Department and has extensive knowledge of licensing and merchandising which has furthered his understanding of the advertising specialty Industry. As a person who has a strong sense of being socially responsible, Bruce has merged these two preoccupations into Cause Marketing Promotions and is dedicated to working with both nonprofit and corporations to help raise awareness and donations  for worthwhile  charities.

Bruce has served as a committee Member and Benefactor of World Wide Orphans, a non-profit organization helping underprivileged orphaned children in Ethiopia, Haiti and Vietnam.  Mr Garfunkel currently is a Member of the  Board of Directors of Urban Renewal Corp, a not for profit organization providing shelter and training for the homeless community in northern NJ.

  • Sales Management & Execution 80%
  • Relationship Management 20%

Cause Marketing Promotions has established a Board of Advisors to assist the company in a number of matters:

1.  Corporate Governance
Corporate governance is the set of processes, customs, policies, laws and institutions affecting the way in which our corporation is directed, administered or controlled.  We will welcome the fresh perspectives of our Board of Advisors on these matters.

2.  Informed Counsel
Every new business and set of owners have strengths and weaknesses.  Our goal in building our Board of Advisors is to build on the strengths of our management team, and add additional counsel in areas where our Board members have special skills.

3.  Support Mission & Vision
Every new company starts off with a specific mission and vision and when used properly can  be very powerful tools.  They provide us with direction for our business, without which it is difficult to develop a cohesive plan. In turn, this allows us to pursue activities that lead the organization forward and avoid devoting resources to activities that do not.  Our Board will ensure we are steering a course consistent with these values and make recommendations for changes as necessary.

“It is awfully important to know what is and what is not your business.” —Gertrude Stein
Meet Our Board of Advisors

  • Corporate Governance 100%
  • Informed Guidance 100%
  • Support Mission & Vision 100%