Terms & Conditions

Your submittal of an on-line or telephone order to Cause Marketing Promotions and your subsequent signature on our order acknowledgement is a conditional acceptance by Cause Marketing Promotions of your consent to purchase merchandise from us and confirms your acceptance of our terms and conditions of sale as set forth below. Buyer and Cause Marketing Promotions agree that any contract hereby entered into shall be interpreted and governed by New York State Law.
Use of Trademarks and Designs submitted to Cause Marketing Promotions
Cause Marketing Promotions uses art, logos and other materials (Artwork) supplied by our customers to provide products and services.  Any company or individual ordering custom-imprinted merchandise Cause Marketing Promotions, warrants and represents that they are the sole, legal owner or licensee of all rights, including copyright, to each trademark, logo, statement, or any other intellectual property included in the design they instruct us to have imprinted on the merchandise they purchase. Furthermore you warrant that the designs you approve for reproduction are in accordance with the guidelines of the owner of said trademark or logo.

You warrant and represent that no part of the design violates or infringes upon the rights of any person or entity nor is it subject to any restriction or right of any kind or nature whatsoever which would prevent Cause Marketing Promotions from legally reproducing the images or text submitted.  Cause Marketing Promotions assumes no responsibility for determining who does or does not have such authority.

You agree to defend, at your sole expense, any claim, suit, or proceeding brought against Cause Marketing Promotions, LLC for reproduction of the trademarks, logo or written information you supply to us which constitutes wrongful use of any copyright, trademark, or other right of any third party. Cause Marketing Promotions, LLC shall not be held liable for the unauthorized, improper, or illegal use of any logo or trademark that is applied to promotional merchandise purchased from us. Further, Cause Marketing Promotions, LLC will not accept liability for the actions of clients who have misrepresented their ownership of licenses or trademarks. Further, you agree to indemnify and hold Cause Marketing Promotions, LLC harmless from any loss or damage associated with any such claim, suit or proceeding.
Reproduction of Trademarks and Logos on Our Web Site
All items shown on our web site containing corporate logos or registered trademarks are shown only to illustrate the logo reproduction capabilities of the companies that produce the respective merchandise displayed on our site. The illustration of any trademark on our site does not constitute any endorsement by Cause Marketing Promotions on behalf of the owner of said trademark or design.
Product Images Displayed on our Web Site
We warrant that we have not altered or enhanced any images shown on our web site to misrepresent the true nature of the product displayed. We strongly urge our customers to request samples of the products they are considering for purchase to ensure that the color and quality meet their requirements for distribution.
Product Consistency
We cannot guarantee that all orders purchased through Cause Marketing Promotions, LLC will be 100% consistent in color and material consistency. Minor variations in dye lots, and material thickness and finish are inherent to the manufacturing process. By placing your order with Cause Marketing Promotions, LLC you agree to accept merchandise with such reasonable manufacturing variations.

Site Pricing
While we make best efforts to keep our site up to date, from time to time actual market conditions may change the price of a product. We reserve the right to change prices on the site at anytime. If a site price is incorrect on an item that you ordered, we will contact you immediately with the most updated price or help you choose a different item that is within your budget.
Transfer of Ownership Merchandise
Cause Marketing Promotions provides a firm ship date for your order and we recommend the most efficient and cost-effective methods to ship based upon your in hands date and destination. Our products are sold F.O.B. (freight on board) factory and are owned by the purchaser once they are picked up by the carrier.
Shipping Delays
Cause Marketing Promotions, LLC shall not be held responsible for delays in delivery resulting from acts of God or other circumstances beyond our control. Our specified ship dates for your order(s) are based on the representations of the factory where your merchandise is produced. We will not be held liable for any special damages or consequential claims that exceed the invoiced value of the merchandise purchased if merchandise is not shipped on the specified date or is delayed in transit.
We warrant that all merchandise sold to you by Cause Marketing Promotions, LLC is free of any security interest. We shall make available all transferable warranties from the manufacturer of the merchandise available to you, the buyer. We do not express or imply any warranties as to the fitness for purpose of the merchandise you purchase from us.
Cancellation or Changes to Existing Orders
Once you have returned a signed order acknowledgment, we cannot guarantee that we will be able to make changes to or cancel your order without incurring charges. This will depend on the extent of work the producing factory has performed on your order. We will advise you in writing of any and all costs incurred prior to making changes or cancellations with the factory. You will be responsible for payment of those charges without dispute. Should you cancel your order with Cause Marketing Promotions prior to the commencement of production by the factory, you will be charged a processing fee of $100.00 for the work we have done to place your order into production plus proof charges if applicable.
During the imprinting process, products may be discarded that do not meet our factories’ high standards. Some factories run extras to be sure to have enough properly imprinted pieces to fill the order. We invoice for the exact quantity shipped. Usually the range is between 5% under and 5% over, but for certain products it can be 10% or higher. We will adjust your invoice or credit your account or charge card after your order ships for the exact quantity shipped to you. Please be sure to order a large enough quantity so that if there is an under shipment, you will have enough products for your program.
Claims, Adjustments & Returns
Should you have any problems with your order, please contact your Cause Marketing Client Rep at (888) PROMO 55 within 15 days of receipt of your merchandise. We urge you to inspect your merchandise upon arrival in order to facilitate the resolution of any claims. Do not return the merchandise to us without receiving a Return Authorization as it will be refused. If you receive a Return Authorization we will advise the correct shipping address for your return. Your Cause Marketing Client Rep. will assist you in resolving your claim if your order has not been produced as requested or is defective in manufacture. Claims for merchandise damaged in transit must be resolved with the carrier.
Payment Terms
We may grant Net 30 day payment terms after reviewing your completed credit application. By placing your order with Cause Marketing Promotions under these terms, you agree to pay our reasonable attorney or collection fees incurred for the collection of any past due balances on your account.
Returned Checks
Any checks submitted for payment of our invoice(s) which are returned for insufficient funds will result in a charge of $50.00 to the entity to whom we issued the subject invoice(s).