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Meet Our Spotlight Charities

Give Back, Help Others
Our “Spotlight” charities are our partners.  We work to raising awareness of their cause and assist in fundraising through the sale of our promotional products.  Each time a purchase is made we donate 5% of the total  to one of our “Spotlight” charities.  Before shopping, elect the charity you wish our donation to go to.   Just scroll down the page and you will see the election form.


JDRF is the leading global organization funding type 1 diabetes (T1D) research. JDRF’s goal is to progressively remove the impact of T1D from people’s lives until we achieve a world without T1D. JDRF collaborates with a wide spectrum of partners and is the only organization with the scientific resources, regulatory influence, and a working plan to better treat, prevent, and eventually cure T1D. Learn More

  • Disease Advocacy 34%
  • Artificial Pancreas Project 33%
  • Improving Life for People with Type 1 Diabetes 33%

Urban Renewal

Urban Renewal Corp (URC) is a community based non-profit organization that has been providing a variety of essential social services to vulnerable populations in New Jersey for almost two decades. URC provides emergency services, primary medical care, mental health counseling, substance abuse treatment and counseling, vocational education and job training. Learn More

  • Homeless Shelters 50%
  • Vocational Education and Job Training 40%
  • Recycling & eWaste Donations 10%

WorldWide Orphans 

Worldwide Orphans (WWO) was established in 1997 by Dr. Jane Aronson, a renowned infectious disease and adoption medicine specialist. WWO brings love, play, education and hope to orphans and at-risk children through programs focused on attachment, early intervention, health care, sport and the arts.  WWO gives children strong bodies and the coping, social and life skills they need to be happy and independent in the future.

Learn More
  • Medical and Educational Program 34%
  • Mental Health 33%
  • Mentoring and Training 33%

Ample Harvest

Millions of Americans grow more food in their home gardens than they can possibly use, preserve or give to friends.  One out of six Americans needs food assistance, but the local food pantry usually can’t provide fresh produce. It does not have to be that way. The campaign diminishes hunger in America by enabling backyard gardeners to share their excess garden produce with neighborhood food pantries. If you know of a food pantry in your community, you can help diminish hunger by giving to the pantry manager. Learn More

  • Feeding America 80%
  • Food Pantry Registry 20%

United Way

The United Way of Hudson County (UWHC)  Community Impact Model is designed to address social service issues. Using non-profit partners, UWHC provides funding for services targeted toward these areas of concentration. In this way, UWHC increases the capacity of the community to achieve a greater result.  During our 75 years, UWHC  led human services’ non-profit agency. Learn More

  • Special Needs 25%
  • Education 25%
  • Child Welfare 25%
  • Homelessness 25%

Charity: Water

We’re a non-profit organization on a mission to bring clean and safe drinking water to every person on the planet. Join us. We’re a group of passionate and determined creative problem-solvers who want to make a difference. Our mission is to bring clean and safe drinking water to every person in the world.  Clean water means health, income and education-especially for women and kids.  Diseases from unsafe water and lack of basic sanitation kill more people every year than all forms of violence, including war.  Children are especially vulnerable, as their bodies aren’t strong enough to fight diarrhea, dysentery and other illnesses.   Join us.

. Learn More

  • Freshwater wells 33%
  • Rainwater Catchments 33%
  • Sand Filters 33%
Complete the Form to select your “Spotlight” charity.  When you make a purchase, we will donate 5% of the total to the charity you choose (select one only).  There is no cost to you.    Please enter only the names of the charities listed above. [pdb_signup]