Ample Harvest

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Ample Harvest

We enable you to eliminate hunger and malnutrition in your own community. connects 40+ million Americans with excess food in their garden and local food pantries.
Garden by garden, home & community gardeners and other growers are fighting hunger and malnutrition in America.

Our core mission: No Food Left Behind.


About us

The Vision envisions an America where millions of gardeners eliminate malnutrition and hunger in their own community.

The Mission, moving information instead of food to diminish hunger and malnutrition in America, is educating, encouraging and empowering growers to share their excess harvest with the needy in their community instead of letting it rot in the garden.

The Goal
Our “No Food Left Behind” goal is a healthier and by extension, wealthier America.


Get Involved

Although there are already 6,677 food pantries across all 50 states already registered on, the key to the continued success of the Campaign is increasing the public awareness of the effort.

As more pantries AND gardeners learn about it, more food will find its way from backyard gardens to the kitchens of those who need it most.

And you can help.
Tell your friends and family about
If your house of worship, town hall, community building, etc. houses a food pantry, inform the pantry manager about by giving them this food pantry-food bank flier.
If someone you know gardens or belong to a garden club or community garden, give them this gardener flier.
You can print out this garden shop flier, take it to your local
garden shop
lawn and garden section of your local Home Depot/Lowes/Sears/Wal-Mart, etc.
hardware store
and ask them to post it by their cashier or in another conspicuous location. You might also want to post a copy on the public bulletin board at your local
house of worship
health club/recreation facility
Put a link from your web site to Several graphics are available for your use:

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