About Us

At Cause Marketing Promotions we make the world a smaller place and in doing so, allow for good causes to do a little more good. For every purchase made with us, either through our online eStore or our outside sales agents, we donate 5% of our sales to our Spotlight 501(c) charities.
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Cause Marketing Promotions, LLC  ( seeks alliance partnerships with not-for-profit organizations and corporations looking to advance a cause.  Our company partners are looking for ways to enhance their reputation with consumers, raise money for a good cause and increase sales. After all,  nearly all U.S. consumers say that when a company supports a cause, they have a more positive image of the company.

Our not-for-profit organizations are looking to generate awareness for its mission and to raise money for its cause.  Our profit sharing initiatives are a win-win!

How We Do It

We work with our not-for-profit partners and corporate partners to identify those awareness products that can open new doors and reach new donors. For every product purchased from us we will contribute 5% of the sale to the charity you choose.  It doesn’t cost you a penny more!  Customers who make purchases on our online store can choose amongst our core not-for-profit organizations to determine where the contribution should go.   Our awareness-raising corporate partners recognize that cause marketing initiatives helps them target key consumers.   Corporate partners also recognize that getting involved is something their employees welcome.  Involvement in social causes is something that employees consider in deciding whether to join an organization and helps enhance your reputation and rallies employees.

We know that using promotional products as awareness giveaways is an extremely important way of generating attention to important causes. Whether you are looking to raise money or just educate people, the benefit of using awareness products is often immeasurable.

Our Cause Marketing Promotions provides our partners with the right promotional specialty goods in order to increase awareness and concern about their social cause or to support their fundraising, participation or volunteer recruitment for their cause.

We work with best-in-class suppliers, unlike other specialty companies that work with hundreds of suppliers and offer thousands of products, most of them manufactured overseas.  We work closely with our few suppliers in order to ensure our products offered are of the highest quality and are a good match for cause marketing.  Visit our store:


Our suppliers feature state of the art equipment and can customize most any product you have in mind.  Let us be your partner for your next cause marketing initiative.  We look forward to working with you!