How We Work

Our Mission & Vision

Cause Marketing Promotions is a for profit company.  We are dedicated to developing strategic partnerships with for profit and not for profit organizations and volunteers to enhance client brand awareness and to improve fundraising efforts through the sale of promotional products.  Before we work with any charity we:

  • Review each not for profit’s mission statement to confirm that they do not promote hate, violence or illegal activity
  • Check all not for profit’s against an international database to confirm they are not connected to any terrorist groups
  • Verify that organizations who apply are, and remain, in good standing with the IRS (any not for profits that lose their tax-deductible status are removed from our “Spotlight” charity program).

For every purchase made on our online store, or through our sales organization, we donate 5% of all net sales to our “Spotlight” charities.  Our “Spotlight charities consist of 501(c) organizations.  We work closely with these organizations in an effort to assist them in fundraising, raising awareness and generating volunteers for their causes.  Shoppers on our site are invited to select their favorite “Spotlight” charity.  You can designate which charity you support with your purchases  All purchases you make will benefit the charity selected.  If you do not select a charity, we will make a 5% donation on your behalf to one of our “Spotlight” charities, on a rotating basis. Cause Marketing Promotions also works with not for profit organizations that are not part of our core “Spotlight” charities.   Here are some examples of why not for profit organizations may wish to consider a cause alliance with our company:

  • Cause Marketing is a new source of revenue from companies we source.  We open doors to the corporate suite
  • Cause Marketing generates awareness.  This is invaluable for causes that do not have the resources or expertise to promote themselves.  That’s what we do for them!
  • Cause Marketing opens new doors!  We keep pace with the technical advances in fundraising and pass them along to our Core not for profits.
  • Cause Marketing can reach new donors…targeting the right audience can expand your fundraising and volunteer efforts.

Cause Marketing Promotions also works with for profit organizations.  Here are some important reasons your organization should consider a working relationship with us:

•    Mutually-beneficial relationship that leverages assets from both brands (For Profit & Not For Profit)

•    Raises funds and/or awareness of a societal issue (That’s a good thing!)
•    Engages your brand’s stakeholders (customers, employees, etc.) in a mission that is aligned with your company’s     brand or values
•    Enhances brand equity and can provide product differentiation or increased sales…FOR YOU!

What We Offer

Cause Marketing Promotions works with some of the world’s premium suppliers of promotional and awareness related products.  You can search our eStore based on our top searches, top categories and product collections.  We offer thousands of great products to make your next campaign the best one ever! What sets us apart from the other promotional stores is that we can customize almost any product on our site.  You will see a note on the product page telling you whether a product is customizable or not.

How We Work

  •          We are cause “agnostic.”  We work with our core partners as “ambassadors” and “cause advocates”
  •          There are no costs for participating!
  •           We are compensated solely through the sale of our promotional products designed to assist your fundraising

It’s About a Win-Win Partnership Between Companies & Causes!